Janet Leigh

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Janet Leigh
Do you think Janet Leigh should have won Best Supporting Actress for “Psycho”?

This was all the way back in 1960!

No. While she was good in it, she did not make it even halfway through the movie.

Janet Leigh

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Gay Interest

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Gay Interest

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WHO KILLED TEDDY BEAR (1965) Sal Mineo works out & swims in pool * Gay interest * Juliet Prowse

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Viva Las

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Viva Las

Viva Las Vegas highlights

A holiday to Las Vegas is like no other on Earth. It can be mesmerising, alluring and exhilarating to some and repulsive and too fake for others. Whatever your experience of Sin City it’s one you won’t forget. No other place in the world has more than 120,000 hotel rooms or a hotel like the Wynn Las Vegas which cost $2.7 billion to build.

Las Vegas was built in the middle of the Nevada desert to attract the mega rich, so don’t expect to see this city on the cheap unless you are just on a sightseeing tour. You can find cheaper accommodation away from the strip, but to experience the real Las Vegas you’ll need to dust off the wallet and the hit the tables, shows and attractions.

Vegas comes alive at the weekends and in the night, so plan your tip accordingly. Depending on the time of year you go the daytime can be an assault on the senses with searing desert heat and a glaring sun that can sap your energy if you are sightseeing. Take plenty of water as distances along the Strip can be very deceptive.

At night time your senses take a different kind of hit as the city starts to glow. See Elvis clones in white jumpsuits, streets lined with sports cars and replicas of the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building as you wander around between casinos, attractions and shows.

Vegas is famous for its mega hotels and they are worth a look or visit even if you aren’t staying at one. Travelling the Strip you’ll pass through ancient Egypt, New York, Polynesia, Venice and more. Head to Caesar’s Palace where you can ride the escalator, stroll down ancient Roman streets and throw a coin in the replica Trevi fountain.

If you get tired of spending all your money on slot machines and blackjack tables or want to celebrate your luck in a poker tournament, take a break from the noise of ringing slots and enjoy a famous Vegas buffet dinner and show. Choose from a wide variety of performances, including old crooners singing songs of yesteryear, showgirls at Bally’s or a Vegas extravaganza like the famous Cirque du Soleil.

Other highlights of USA holidays to Las Vegas include hiking in the Red Rock Canyon, which is just 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and nestled within the Spring Mountains. Also, check out the Bellagio fountains that put on a show every 30 minutes. If you are feeling particularly romantic, how about a visit to the Graceland Wedding Chapel where you can tie the knot or renew your vows as an Elvis impersonator serenades you – a classic Las Vegas experience.

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Elvis Presley Viva Las Vegas

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